UDC Women’s Basketball Participates in Community Event at Prince George’s Plaza Community Center

Washington, DC – The UDC Women's Basketball team participated in a community event called "Just Us Girls Overnight Adventure" at Prince George's Plaza Community Center on Friday, September 23rd

This event was designed to create a program that would appeal to a wide variety of girls between the ages of ten and sixteen throughout Prince George's County.  Fifty girls registered to attend the event, all of which participated in a variety of basketball activities prepared by the UDC Women's Basketball team.  The event commenced on Friday at 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. Saturday.

The UDC Women's Basketball team, who organized stations teaching the skills necessary to play in a simulated game, structured the event's activities.  UDC players were appointed as "station leaders", with each station taking place for twenty minutes apiece.  Once the stations concluded, the participants played a simulated game with seven-minute quarters using the skills they learned from the stations.  Once the game finished, each team picked three girls who were awarded MVP, Defensive Player of the Game, and the Coaches Award.

More importantly, this community event gave local girls a platform to make friends their own age, develop basketball skills, and learn the importance of education from members of the UDC Women's Basketball team.  The event gave the girls a chance to meet and talk with UDC players who discussed the value of education and the importance of being a "team player".  Players from the team gave speeches on the importance of academics and the importance of staying in school.