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Firebirds Soar Past USciences to 6-1 Victory

Skrzypczynska won both her singles and doubles match at No.2 and 3.
Skrzypczynska won both her singles and doubles match at No.2 and 3.

Washington, DC- The University of the District of Columbia's women's tennis team defeated Usciences 6-1, to six straight victory of the season.

The No. 2 doubles team of Joanna Skrzypczynska and Izabella Bilecova set the stage for their teammates with a 6-2 victory over Usciences Stephanie Mazurek and Myra Anwar. Simoné Pärn and Marija Milic would follow up with a 6-1 victory at No. 1 securing the doubles point and Estefania Castrillon and Sofia Bellucco would finish it out with a 6-1 victory at No. 3.

Pärn won her singles match against Karla Miletic 6-2, 6-4 at No.1. Skrzypczynska went next winning her singles match 6-3, 6-1 at No 3 and putting the firebirds up three points. Milic faced off against Mazurek in a tough match, losing the first round 2-6 but coming back to win the second set 6-3. She eventually conceded in the third round retiring 1-0.

With the match still being anyone's game, Bilecova was up next for the Firebirds sealing the deal with a 6-2, 6-2 victory at No.5 over her opponent, to bring the score to 4-1. Castrillon and Belluco would finish it off with victories at No. 6 and No. 4 respectively.

This victory brings the Firebirds to a perfect 6-0, 3-0 ECC, on the season. UDC is back in action on October 4thto face off against Shephard University at 2:00pm.